One PA is a founding member of Great Public Schools–Pittsburgh (GPS), and a deeply engaged partner of the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools and Journey for Justice.

Beginning in 2013, One PA helped to engineer and implement an election strategy that has led to an overwhelmingly progressive majority on the PPS School Board. Thanks to that critical civic engagement work, we were able to demand and win a community engagement process to select and hire a progressive superintendent, replacing a Broad Academy Gates Funded predecessor. We hosted town hall meetings to set the priorities and criteria for the Board’s search, and vigorously defended that process.

In 2016, as part of the Great Public Schools Pittsburgh coalition, we were key figures behind the Board’s new district-wide, comprehensive, sustainable community schools policy. We continue to be actively engaged in the implementation of the policy.

We also helped the school board unanimously approve a new Transgender and Gender Expansive Students policy that articulates how PPS schools can support the district’s transgender and gender expansive students.

In 2017, we were instrumental in unanimously passing a Board resolution declaring Pittsburgh Public Schools a sanctuary campus.