America is still struggling to come to terms with the racist violence incited last week in Charlottesville. We saw white supremacists and neo-Nazis march through the streets of America, dressed for armed conflict, chanting racial slurs and inciting violence. We witnessed the murder of Heather Heyer.

As we embrace our children and check on our neighbors, Donald Trump has chosen this moment to declare which side he is on. He is on the side of hate.

No one should be surprised. The only consistent theme in Donald Trump’s erratic political career is his pandering, encouragement and dangerous alignment to racists. From the Central Park Five, to Birtherism; from his refusal to renounce Klan leader David Duke to the hiring of Steve Bannon–the President has shown us all we need to know about his values.

Domestic terrorism has found sanctuary in Donald Trump’s White House. Any elected official who apologizes for this man wades into that same sewer of hate.

We bear witness to the rise of white supremacists, and we reject it. We resist it. We renounce it. Our collective voices will ring louder than their cries of hatred.

Everyday, One Pennsylvania organizes and develops leaders among black and white working people to take leadership in their own lives. By coming together we shift the balance of power into the hands of the people. We educate and mobilize our neighbors, we hold politicians accountable, and we fight for a just and an equitable multiracial America.

This week has shown us that the road ahead is steep, but we are ready.

  • We are on the side where Black Lives Matter.
  • We are on the side where we belong to each other.
  • We are on the side where immigrants are welcome.
  • We are on the Freedom Side.

If you are on the Freedom Side too then join us, become a member of One Pennsylvania today.