Defend DACA - call Congress at 202-804-8050The threat to cancel DACA is yet another attack on communities of color by an increasingly hostile and dangerous White House. President Trump rode to power on a wave of xenophobia and is unable to see past the next news cycle to the very real consequences of his actions.

DACA has been a lifeline for a generation of undocumented youth. It has allowed young people across the country to emerge from the shadows and seek a better future and pursue the elusive American Dream. Revoking DACA would slam the door shut on that future for nearly a million young people–21,000 in Pennsylvania alone.

We would all be adversely affected by the cancellation of DACA – workplaces that have hired talented young immigrants and college campuses where DACAmented youth are making vital contributions to social, cultural, and academic life, our cities and towns where we are building a future together.

Cancelling DACA is a misguided effort to play to a dwindling minority of Americans who believe in their own white supremacy. It is an attempt to intimidate not only immigrant communities, but to dehumanize all communities of color and to divide us from each other.

We know better. Nearly 4 out of 5 registered voters say that Dreamers should be allowed to stay in the country. A majority would like to see an eventual path to citizenship.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have defended DACA since the beginning. Members of Congress with any conscience should continue to speak out and defend the Dreamers. Stand with us and the young people who are so important to the future of our country and stand up to a bigoted President.

President Trump’s most recent threats to our Latinx sister and brothers: the pardoning of Arpaio, threatening DACA and seeking billions of our tax dollars to build a useless wall are not the end of the fight. They are the beginning. These attacks will only grow our movement– a movement that is gaining strength with every passing day and weakening the President at every turn. Diversity has always been America’s strength. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We stand in solidarity with our DACAmented sisters and brothers today, and we will continue to stand with them whenever they come under attack.”