All jobs aren’t good jobs.

130,000 of Philly’s lowest-paid workers are being robbed of their freedom and families by scheduling policies that put corporate profits before people. An enormous slice of the workforce is being held back by lax regulations that let employers keep retail and service workers on a short leash — constantly changing schedules and cutting hours.

We demand that Philadelphia City Council join the big cities and states across the country to pass and enact and enforce smart, fair legislation ensuring that workers get fair schedules and that employers hold up their end of the bargain.

Fair Workweek PHL is a growing coalition of community members and labor partners coming together to restore dignity and respect in Philadelphia workplaces through a fair workweek. These organizations have signed on to the Fair Work Week Support Letter:

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Trabajadores abogan por salarios justos

Trabajadores llegaron hasta Alcaldía de Filadelfia para protestar por mejores condiciones laborales. Son parte de la industria de servicio y ventas al por menor.