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Philadelphia Hopes to Become Next Major City to Pass Fair Workweek Legislation

On Thursday, Philadelphia City Councilwoman Helen Gym introduced legislation to curb some of this uncertainty. The fair workweek ordinance would require a reasonable notice of schedules, at least 11 hours rest time between shifts, opportunities to work additional hours and provide for enforcement and penalties if an employer does not comply.

Phila. hourly workers in food and retail are stressed by unpredictable hours

As if poverty-skirting wages don’t cause enough stress, most service workers in the Philadelphia region labor under unpredictable schedules that trigger a host of ailments and insecurities, according to a study. About 100,000 people, most of them in part-time jobs, toil in the retail and food service sectors in the region.

Philadelphia City Council Committee Explores Impact of Unreliable Work Hours

Unreliable work hours harm families in a range of ways, from providing insufficient income to creating child care crises. That was the consensus from dozens of witnesses at a Philadelphia city council committee hearing, last week. But there was some disagreement about what to do about it.