Cara Tratner

Cara Tratner (They/Them)

RUP Organizer

Cara Tratner is a Philadelphia Renter Organizer working to grow the base and power of Renters United Philadelphia in the Frankford neighborhood. Cara is a goofy and fiery extrovert who loves supporting people to step into their own power and leadership. For the past 9 years Cara has organized in the grassroots movement against mass incarceration, and they helped found the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund in 2017 to free Black mothers and caregivers as part of a campaign to end cash bail. Cara has also started programs across the city in harm reduction, reentry and housing with homeless and queer and trans communities. They bring over a decade of experience as a facilitator to their organizing, including work with other white people to unlearn the trauma of white supremacy and to find a personal stake in fighting for Black trans liberation. Cara learned from their dad and their Jewish and queer communities about how to fight for the rights of all workers, and how to find laughter and music and rebellious joy in the face of violent systems. When not organizing, they can be found playing music, jumping in lakes, or sharing a meal with their friends, their plants, and their cat child Dracula.

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