picture of casohn wearing one pa gear

Casohn Peoples (She/Her)

Field Director

Casohn Peoples is the Field Director here at One PA, where she puts One PA’s politics in action by connecting canvassers with neighborhoods to speak to the community about upcoming elections and issues they’re facing on a daily basis to inform One PA’s campaigns. Casohn also manages hiring canvassers, registering folks to vote, and ongoing engagement of community members with canvassers to grow One PA’s membership base. 

Since joining One PA, Casohn’s proudest moment was getting the first Black Mayor of Pittsburgh elected. As a young Black single mother, juggling 3 children and a full time job, this was a huge accomplishment for her personally. As a One PA team member, Casohn has grown so much into her position, and is proud of her ability to receive information, retain it, utilize it, and pass it on to others, as well as her accomplishments in training and retaining a strong team. 

Casohn is inspired by looking at her children every day, knowing the work she’s doing now will help provide them a better future, and provide them with more opportunities in the long run. Outside of work, Casohn loves to travel and takes her kids to Disney every year, just like her mom did with her. She also was a gamer (Call of Duty is one of her favorites).

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