headshot of Cece in a gray sweater, agaisnt a gray background

Cece Flanigan

Philadelphia Housing Justice Lead

Cece Flanagan (they/them) supports organizers in implementing a powerful basebuilding program that builds renter power to win material changes to their housing conditions. Cece is a new Philadelphian, making their way from Seattle, Washington the city they call home, and a city that’s been completely reshaped by tech and corporate greed. As someone devastated by the impacts of gentrification in their own city, they move to Philadelphia with a deep commitment to disrupting the oiling of the corporate landlord machine by fighting alongside fellow renters for affordable, healthy and green housing. Cece comes from a youth organizer background, working with high schoolers to build campaigns in their schools to address issues surrounding school lunch and mental health resources. In 2020, Cece supported the campaign #StudentsHaveHadEnough that resulted in Seattle Public Schools removing Police from all campuses. They bring over 10 years of experience as a transformative facilitator, educator, and circle keeper to their organizing and find the flame to their passion in moments of deep connection, belonging based facilitation and the joyful celebration of Black Queerness. Cece credits growing up in a multiethnic– Black, Filipino, and White working class household as the origin story to their unwavering reverence for life and the liberation for all people.

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