Headshot of Cinder, Back Against a grated fence

Cinder Kuss

Renter Organizer

Cinder Kuss was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and moved around a lot with their family as a child, knowing both economic security and poverty in their youth. Cinder, along with their sisters, was very often the only non-white kid in school, and in college, began to make connections between personal experience, the history of oppressed peoples, and revolutionary theory that led them to organizing. As an organizer in Boston, Cinder helped hold city officials accountable for snow-plowing inequities, and helped rally major community support for successful union contract campaigns for security officers and janitors. 

Cinder is an educator who organizes, and approaches their work with love for all learners, belief in people’s innate intelligence, and commitment to individual growth and communal action.  As a renter organizer at RUP (Renters United Philadelphia) and OnePA, Cinder brings their skills in training and leadership development to help renters build people power and take on corporate landlords and rewrite unjust housing policy.  Since moving to Philadelphia eight years ago, Cinder has rediscovered their love of theater and they have acted and written and produced a full-length horror play, Melt, about growing up mixed-race and Jewish in a Zionist community. Cinder is a proud member of the Red Rabbits, a volunteer-group of pedal bikers who provide security for people’s marches and protests in Philadelphia, and Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists. 

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