Economic Justice

At One PA, our commitment to economic justice runs deep, with a history marked by significant successes, such as the impactful Fair Work Week initiative in 2018. Our vision for Pennsylvania revolves around creating a state that prioritizes the well-being of working families.

In 2018, over 130,000 food service, hospitality, and retail working people in Philly are struggling with constantly changing work hours and not enough hours to pay their bills. Corporations are playing games with working people’s time, forcing moms, dads and students to scramble at the last minute to meet unreliable work schedules. Working families deserve a fair workweek, with enough hours at decent pay to support our families, keep healthy and build thriving communities. See here for more

We recognize that true economic justice requires acknowledging and confronting those who prioritize corporate interests over the needs of the people. Our efforts extend beyond policy advocacy, delving into the realms of transparency and democracy. We stand firm against the infiltration of dark money in politics, challenging those who seek to undermine the democratic principles we hold dear.

It’s up to us to hold our city council accountable to pass common-sense policy that has delivered reliable work hours in New York City, Seattle and Oregon.

On our Coalitions and Campaigns page, you'll find the #AllEyesOnYass campaign, a testament to our ongoing fight for a just Pennsylvania. Led by a diverse coalition of community organizations representing tens of thousands of people across the state, this campaign sheds light on the actions of figures like Jeff Yass. For years, we've been vocal about Yass's role in undermining Pennsylvania's democracy, particularly as his influence in local, state, and federal elections continues to grow.

Join us in our unwavering commitment to economic justice and the fight against those who prioritize corporate interests over the well-being of our communities.

Economic Justice at One PA Means Everybody Wins!