Jeffrey Lichtenstein

Jeffrey Lichtenstein (He/Him)

Director of Development

Jeffrey Lichtenstein is One PA’s Director of Development, where he leads strategic  fundraising and partner relationships to year round organizing, or that it resources base building, etc . He cut his teeth in the social justice union movement in the South, where he learned to find the best version of himself through solidarity. Over 12 years, he helped build United Campus Workers of Tennessee, Memphis For All, the Memphis Central Labor Council, and Tennessee For All - and helped raise over $3M. He brings leadership development organizing, strategic communications, and movement building that he learned in Tennessee into his development work. He’s inspired by communist jews who gave everything in their fight to resist Nazis and repair the world, his brilliant Tennessee family and his grandmother’s tenacious grip on life. He recently repatriated to South Philadelphia, where he can be found dancing, writing and looking after plants when he’s not poring over his beloved spreadsheets and budgets

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