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Laura Arroyo-Miniel (she/her)

Data Manager

Laura Arroyo-Miniel is the Data Manager for One PA, in charge of managing incoming data from various programs, creating dashboards and metrics reports, and training staff on new tools and protocols. A fan of pattern-seeking and math, Laura finds exploring big data sets both relaxing and rewarding. This year, Laura identified flaws in a countywide AI algorithm used for home appraisals that caused certain homes to be severely overvalued. On one street alone, she helped remove around $1,000,000 of excess valuation to keep home costs affordable and avoid being priced out by a faulty algorithm. Her deepest sense of fulfillment comes from helping others take concrete action against lopsided, extractive economic systems. Beyond the work with One PA, Laura is a published medical research author, and has worked with law firms on complex fraud analysis investigations. She thrives on the forward energy of campaigns, and of people coming together to push for fairer systems for all. Laura once won 1st place and $20,000 in a NASA Labs tournament for a concept harnessing the sun’s energy into clay soil to create a thermal battery. Outside of work, Laura’s hobbies include gardening and building DIY solar science projects in her spare time.

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