Moses Wamalwa (He/Him)

Lead Organizer

Moses Wamalwa, the Lead Organizer for One PA in Allegheny County, excels in mobilizing community strength for impactful change, focusing on black liberation and empowerment. He's a master at rallying young people, skillfully using social media to get the word out, delivering powerful speeches, and building lasting relationships with community members and leaders. Moses discovered his calling in youth activism early on, a path that has only grown more important to him over time. He's armed with a variety of practical skills — from quick thinking to adapting to new challenges — that he's developed through years of hands-on organizing and his diverse educational background, and which he deploys while leading projects or collaborating with community members to solve complex problems. Aside from his impactful work, Moses is a new girl dad, and currently furthering his education with Master's degrees in Food Studies and Business. In his downtime, he's a food enthusiast, always on the hunt for the next great eatery in Pittsburgh, and he loves sharing a good laugh with friends by sharing memes.

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