Our Mission and Story

OnePA History

One PA was founded in 2011 as a part of SEIU’s Fight for a Fair Economy, originally called One Pittsburgh.  We  fought for working families in Allegheny County and worked to change the conversation about injustice and the U.S. economy.  We recognized the need to build the political power of working families, and launched grassroots efforts to knock on tens of thousands of doors. We built a robust member base and directly took on structural inequality.  By 2015 the pieces had come together merging the best traditions of labor,community organizing and civic engagement into a vision of a new independent organization.  A year later, we expanded to Philadelphia and became One PA. 

OnePA members in circle

Today, One PA is a formidable membership organization dedicated to building a movement for progressive, multiracial working class power with a deep focus on Black liberation.  We are building a powerful political movement led by people from communities impacted by racial, economic and gender injustice.  We prioritize deep leadership development and political education with our member leaders, canvassers and organizers, to center frontline experiences and build a strong movement leadership pipeline..  We fight for policy reforms that improve the lives of  working families, strengthen the community, and grow our political power.

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One PA is a base building organization led by community members, creating a powerful voice for racial, economic and social justice in Pennsylvania.

We do deep and wide scale voter education and turnout in Black communities across Pennsylvania.

Mission, Vision and Values

We are building a movement for political representation that stands for racial, economic and environmental justice and against profits over people and voter disenfranchisement.  OnePA members endorse political candidates and mobilize to elect them.

OnePA works to challenge discouragement that comes up in communities about our political system while we fight to protect and expand democracy and voting rights.  We know that meaningful change comes from everyday people coming together to have a voice in our political system and we are deeply committed to doing this work.

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