Sage Cruz

Sage Cruz (They/Them)

Civic Engagement Director

Sage Cruz is an afro Latinx, queer leader, working to center BIPOC communities in One PA’s outreach work across the country and across the state. As Civic Engagement Director, Sage runs One PA’s statewide field team and Civic Engagement department, providing training,  development and over 10 years of expertise into outreach programs and mentorship to a talented team of Canvass Directors across the state. Together this team we work to runs the largest Bblack mobilizing team in the state. Before working at One PA, Sage spent time as a National Canvass Director with the Center for Popular Democracy, traveling across the country for four years developing field directors to build membership, fundraise and train the next generation of field leaders, supporting nine prorams (including One PA’s canvass program) during that time

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