Sheryl Williams Barnes

Sheryle Williams Barnes (She/Her)

Core Canvas Team

Sheryle Williams Barnes (Peanut) is a new member of the One PA core canvass team. Before joining One PA, Peanut worked in nursing for 20 years, where she saw the real effects of political decisions on patients’ everyday lives, and learned how to connect with people in moments of pain and vulnerability to get them help and support. After helping individual people get better one person at a time, she is now organizing communities to take on systemic problems. Peanut brings a fun energy to her work and team, and can pretty much talk to anyone. Not only can Peanut patch you up and register you to vote, she has been rollerskating for 40 years and can roller skate backwards. 

I am new to the core canvass team.I only been in my role for 4 months.I previously was in the nursing field for 20 yrs . I didnt feel like i was being fulfilled and left to work in the field by knocking on doors,phone banking or getting people registered to vote.I love my position because i love talking to complete strangers and strike up a conversation.My greatest moment working for ONEPA was in july when we had my first convention and rally.It was very empowering.I love getting the political word out in the community.

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