Steve Paul

Steve Paul (He/Him)

Executive Director

Steve Paul is the Executive Director of One Pennsylvania, a powerful movement fighting for a more just and equitable society.  In his role as Executive Director, Steve continues to build a powerful movement that advocates for economic, racial, and social justice.

Before joining One PA, Steve was the Pennsylvania State Director for the State Innovations Exchange (SiX), where he collaborated with state legislators to win policies to uplift working-class Pennsylvanians, including championing rent assistance programs during the pandemic.. In his role at SiX, Steve also built bridges between grassroots partners and legislators, amplifying the voices of everyday people in decision-making processes. Steve's deep-rooted commitment to democratic participation and progressive change led him to his earlier role as the Political Director for One Pennsylvania, where he led, supervised, and oversaw the organization's grassroots advocacy campaigns, helping to pass legislation that enabled all Pennsylvanians to vote by mail for the first time in Pennsylvania, empowering more people to exercise their fundamental right to vote. 

Before joining One PA, Steve also made a significant impact as a dedicated public servant in the office of former Philadelphia City Councilmember Helen Gym. His work was instrumental in securing a district-wide investment in water hydration stations in the School District of Philadelphia, ensuring that all school children have access to clean and safe drinking water. Additionally, Steve successfully advocated for a universal "breakfast in the classroom" policy, expanding food and nutrition access for every student in the district. In addition to his remarkable career in movement building and advocacy, Steve has also served as a campaign manager for Philadelphia City Council and Pennsylvania House of Representative candidates who share his vision of a more equitable society. He has amplified the voices of progressive candidates who champion the rights of workers, expand access to healthcare, and fight for affordable housing.

As Executive Director of One Pennsylvania, Steve is dedicated to empowering communities, uplifting the voices of the marginalized, and challenging the status quo. Through his leadership, One PA continues to mobilize and organize grassroots movements that push for bold policy changes in areas such as affordable housing, healthcare accessibility, and environmental justice, workers' rights. His vision is not just about incremental change, but about fundamentally transforming our society to one that prioritizes the needs and well-being of the many over the interests of the few.

Steve's personal journey as a proud graduate of Philadelphia public schools and a Haitian immigrant fuels his unwavering dedication to social justice and the rights of marginalized communities. He continues to work alongside community leaders to extend Temporary Protected Status for Haitian immigrants, recognizing the immense contributions they make to our society. As a new father, Steve is deeply committed to creating a world where his child and all children can thrive.He finds inspiration experiencing different cultures and witnessing the power of collective action in creating lasting change. In his spare time, Steve also enjoys immersing himself in the imaginative and visionary world of Star Trek.

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