tre walking in crowd

Trevaughn Bryant (He/Him)

Assistant canvass director

Assistant canvass director of the western part of the state who helps fight for racial social and economic justice here and across the state of Pennsylvania. My main reason for joining the movement space was seeing how it impacted my community. I’ve been seeing my community suffer from injustices since I was very young and now I shifted my life to help impact my community in a positive way.

Also I would like to help my family and also surrounding families with their struggles they have dealt with while living in my black and brown community. I feel like I bring the perfect energy and effort to OnePa because my community and surrounding communities will listen to me and actually take interest into what I have to say and what I have to present. My ultimate goal is to make every community I fight for better and better year by year so I will continue to fight and get the word out as best I can .

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