picture of tyrone at people's convention rally wearing an orange shirt that says "house everyone."

Tyrone George

Core Canvass Team Member

Tyrone George, core canvass team member out of the Pittsburgh office, where I’ve been a part of OnePa since 2022. I was initially introduced to the organization by a canvasser who was looking to get me to vote. My initial response was that I was a convicted felon and couldn’t vote. The young man informed me that I was able to vote which led to further conversation where he began educating me about OnePa. The more he talked the more I became interested and asked if it was possible that I could get a job. He called his boss (Mrs. Casohn Peoples) and I was told to come in for an interview. From that day forward I became a devoted member of OnePa where I’ve learned to hone in on my leadership skills and intellect to lead my canvass team through various challenges and opportunities which has led me to a position as core canvasser. Since then I have helped lead campaigns to get elected officials into office such as Summer Lee and Sarah Innamorato. I look forward to the future here at OnePa and am excited to watch as not only myself but my team members excel

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